EOTech XPS2-0 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight
EOTech XPS2-0 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight Detail

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EOTech XPS2-0 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight Description

Smaller and lighter than other holographic weapon sights, the EOTech XPS2-0 is an ideal compact option for your weapon platform. The XPS2-0 sports a revolutionary sighting system based on advanced holographic technology. The design works by using laser light to illuminate a holographic pattern embedded in the heads-up display window. When the shooter looks through the window, he or she will see a virtual red image of a reticle pattern projected onto the target plane. Overall, the hologra…

This sight is smaller than the former N-cell battery sight and runs on a single 123 battery. It also has a longer battery life than the N-cell style sights. Smaller, lighter and always fast with three reticle options. With the new single battery configuration, the XPS allows more rail space than ever, leaving more room for rear iron sights or NV mount.- Single transverse 123 battery to reduce sight length – Shortened base only requires at most 2 3/4 inch of rail space compared to the 4 …

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EOTech XPS2-0 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight